The Alternative to Boarding & Kenneling

Just why exactly do people choose to use Integrity Pet Services?  You may ask yourself “Why not just take my pets somewhere and drop them off at some type of  boarding and kenneling service?” If you have ever done this you have witnessed how stressed your pets become when dropping them off and picking them up.  Often, when you have returned you may find that your pet may not want to go anywhere for several days for fear that you may be dropping him/her off again and not coming back for a few days.

Many times when pets are sent to kennels and boarding facilities they may wander off and get into a bowl of food that doesn’t belong to them.  A change in your pet’s diet can lead to complications. Just like a classroom full of children passing around the common cold, your pet may catch a “bug” while boarding with other cats/dogs who may have acquired an infectious disease of some sort.  It is also almost impossible to provide the one on one attention at a boarding facility.

People choose our services for the simple fact that it is convenient for everyone.  Your pet is in the comfort of his/her own home.  You have peace of mind knowing that your pet will be eating his own food and his routine will remain the same. Our pet-sitters also check your mail, water your plants and keep things going while you are away.  Your pet will feel as if he is not entirely alone throughout the day. Pet-Sitters come into your home for the sole purpose of looking after your pet.  They focus their attention on your loved one throughout the duration of the visit.

We know you consider your pets as apart of your family. We understand how important it is for both you and your pets to feel safe and comfortable at all times.  Consider our alternative to boarding and kenneling for your pet needs in the future.

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