Tips for the New Year

As the New Year approaches we all face that list of New Year’s resolutions that we never seem to keep.  Dont beat yourself up by setting the bar so high.  Start off small.  Start off with your pets.

Perhaps you have always wanted to organize his/her’s chew toys or you’ve been meaning to get a new litter box.  Try starting 2011 off in the right direction.  Use January as the month to get all this done.  Typically we try to change things around every few months but we can never remember the last time we changed things around.  By using the first month of the year to get all these things you’ve been meaning to get done, you may find its easier to stay on track from here on out.

While you are trying to get organize, pull out your pet’s records and double check that all his shots are up to date.  It wouldn’t hurt to get these records out and check when your next visit to the Veterinarian should be scheduled.  If you have a planner, jot down a note so that you will remember to call your Veterinarian beforehand.  Clean out your pet’s grooming tools as well.  Check to make sure that you are not in need of any new tools and discard those that need to be put to rest.

So many little things you can do to simplify your life.  Start off by getting your pet ready for the New Year.  Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

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