Traveling with Pets

Spring Break vacation plans have begun. You are trying to plan a trip that will make everyone in the family happy. You’ve got everyone covered. The kids will enjoy the waterpark, hubby will enjoy the fishing and you will enjoy the relaxation. You then begin to realize that you have forgotten someone. Your dog, or maybe your cat. Should you take him/her or should you leave him behind.

Should you decide to take your pet there are a few things that you should look into. You should always pack enough [and even more] pet food. Never plan on arriving at your destination and picking up his food there. You may not find the same type of food your pet is use to and this can cause problems not only for your pet but for everyone else on the trip. You don’t want to run into any stomach issues while on vacation. Make sure to pack food and water dishes, litter and litter boxes. If your pet has a favorite chew toy you may want to bring that as well. Any medications that your pet may take should also be packed.

It is extremely important that your pet has a sturdy collar with correct contact information. If possible attach a tag to the collar that includes mobile numbers and information such as hotel phone number of where you will be staying. Be sure to take a current photo along with you just in case your pet wanders off. Having a photo with you will make it easier to help find your pet.

Traveling with a pet can be indeed overwhelming. Sometimes it’s just easier to leave him/her behind and sometimes we know you would like to include your precious pet along on a family vacation. Whatever you decide remember to enjoy your vacation get away.

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