Allergy Season For You & Your Pet

Find yourself sneezing more and more these days. Have you noticed you’re not the only one in the house sneezing? You may discover that your pet has allergies as well. It is common for our furry friends to be allergic to the same things that we are allergic to.

The number one symptom that can raise a flag is skin irritation. You will notice your pet constantly licking and chewing on his feet. Animals can also develop chronic ear infections. If you notice itchy feet and constant ear infections this is most likely brought on by food allergies. Symptoms such as eye drainage, constant scratching and hot spots can lead to more serious infections.

Food Allergies may take a little longer to solve. It’s a good idea to keep some sort of journal of what your pet has eaten and been around. Veterinarians do offer allergy testing and you will typically get an antihistamine for your pet. Steroids is another common option to treat allergies.

If you believe your pet may be suffering from allergies set up an appointment to see your veterinarian. Happy Allergy Season, ..oh I mean Spring Season!!

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