Did This Grieving Dog Photo Bring up a Memory For You?

Recently a grieving dog made headlines when he laid beneath his owner’s coffin.  The photo raised a number of questions and tearful memories for some of us who look back and can recall a time when we believed our own pet was suffering some type of grieving.

My children’s dog was always the dog that I would yell at along with the children when they had gotten into something or when they had gone off too far outside.  She was also the guilty third party when my kids would make a mess in the kitchen.  When the kids were sent to their rooms Preslee would trail behind them with her head hung low as if she knew that she too was in just as much trouble as my other two.  When my nieces and nephews would come to visit, she was just as excited as my kids were to see their cousins. My nephew was not so much a fan of Preslee. They had a “love-hate” relationship. Preslee loved him and my nephew hated her.  She loved to follow the boys outside to play basketball, hang out by the pool and run in and out of the house.  She was as much a part of the family as my children, neices, nephews, and neighborhood kids were.

I can recall when my teenage nephew passed away and I came home from the hospital I sat on the couch for a few minutes to sort of take everything in.  Once I began to cry suddenly I felt something at my feet.  It was of course Preslee.  Though I never actually “told” her of my nephew’s passing it was at that moment that I knew that she knew and felt what we were all feeling.  She was truly a part of the family in many ways than we ever imagined.  She must have followed me around the house for weeks after his passing.  Even when the kids were outside playing or inside goofing off she remained by my side.

A year later Preslee passed away.  In my mind I imagine her running around in heaven following my nephew around.  And even though I can recall him hating her most of the time, something tells me that he doesn’t mind having someone from the family following him around from time to time.

Do you believe that a dog or cat can feel the emotions that we feel?  Did the photo of the the fallen SEAL’s coffin with his dog lying beneath bring a tear to your eye as you remembered a similar situation when you felt your own dog/cat may have been grieving?  Share your memory with us! We’d love to hear it!

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