Cancer in Dogs? What Should You Look For?

Cancer has become quite common when it comes to our dogs.  It is in fact the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 10.  You should always have your dog seen by his Veterinarian  anytime something does not seem right but we wanted to bring up some red flags that may indicate some signs of Cancer.  Here are just a few:

1.  Just like us, anytime you notice a lump or a bump make sure to have it checked out

2.  A wound that just doesn’t seem to heal

3.  A swelling of any kind

4. Swelling of the bone, or lameness

5.  Any abnormal bleeding

6.  Enlarged lymph nodes

Again, these are just a few symptoms that your dog may have.  Just like with some humans Cancer often goes unnoticed and sometimes had no signs or symptoms.

Has your dog experienced any of these symptoms before?  Do you know of any dog that has gone through the battle of cancer?  Share your story with us.  This is a topic that we must all get more familiar with .


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