Fall is Near!

Even though it may be hard to imagine Fall is very near!  As the new season approaches there are a few “To Do” things that you may need to add to your list.

1.  Cats and kittens love to nap in warm places, this can include car engines! Be sure that you check for any by knocking on the hood of your car, truck or honk the horn and wait a few minutes before starting the engine.

2.  If you are like me this is your favorite time of year to pull out the decorations!  Candles, electric cords, glass ornaments,  ribbons, foil wrapping, etc. can all be dangerous for your pets. Cover up or hide ALL electric cords!

3.  Halloween Candy is not good for your pets.  Keep your pets inside while trick or treaters are out!  Remember while your little neighborhood witches and goblins continuously ring your doorbell your dog or cat may try to sneak out and see what all the fun is about!

This undoubtedly is one of the best times of the year. From Halloween to Turkey Day right down to Christmas and the New Year.  But as always, as things change we must prepare ourselves and our pets as well!  Share your tips for the Fall Season!


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