Labor Day Weekend Tips & Reminders

Labor Day weekend is finally here.  But before you go there are a few things you should know when heading out to those ever so popular Labor Day Weekend activities.  Here are a few tips and reminders:

1.  Although Labor Day weekend is not particularly known for its abundance of fireworks shows, you may still come across some out there.  Check to make sure when you head out to your destination that fireworks will not be  much of a problem especially if you have had trouble with your pets in the past.  I’m guessing with this ongoing drought that fireworks may indeed be prohibited just about anywhere. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

2.  The best thing about holiday weekends is all the food that we get to much on.  The bad thing is we tend to forget that our best friends may be following us around trying to get a bite of what we may have left behind.  Make sure that you keep the garbage in a safe and out of the way place.  Remind your guests or others that might be around you that it is not a good idea to feed your dog table food.  Even if occasionally you may sneak a scrap or two to your dog (shame on you) you should always be concerned when around others who may not be so familiar with what your dog normally consumes on a daily basis.

3.  Last but least, The Heat is Definitely on!  If you plan to be outdoors make sure that you pack not only for yourself but also for your pet.  Be sure that your pet takes as many breaks as you do throughout the day.  We all love the outdoors but sometimes that sun can sure be brutal after a just a few hours.

Just a few tips and reminders to help you get going on your weekend plans.  We hope that all of you can enjoy this Labor Day Weekend.

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