No Tricks and No Treats

Halloween is a fun day, but should only remain fun for children.  Please keep  in mind that it is a day of lots of candy, lots spooky costumes and most of all lost of pranks being pulled.  Here are a few tips we wanted to remind you of before Halloween arrives.

1.  Paws off the Candy:  Chocolate is a no no and so are candy wrappers.  Keep that candy bowl out of reach from your pets.

2.  Dress up the Kids not the Pets:  Unless you have dressed up your pet before Halloween may not be a good “trial run” of dress up day.  Watch out for those small pieces of costumes and make sure elastic bands are not too tight.

3.  Take the Kids out and Leave the Pets in:  If possible leave your pets at home while you take the kids out Trick or Treating.  There will be lots of chaos going on around your neighborhood and lots of costumes that may spook your pet.

4.  Watch out for the Decorations:  We all love to decorate for Halloween, but it is important to make sure that the yard decorations as well as the decor inside isnt a danger for your pet!

Overall just play it safe and make sure that you take extra care of your pet on this fun day! Happy Halloween Everyone and send us some pics of your pets and show us how your family celebrated Halloween 2011.

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  1. Sara says:

    Great tips! Thank you!

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