How long is long enough?

When you lose a family pet it can be devastating.  You may feel as if “replacing” the pet could never be done.  Suddenly you realize that maybe its not such a bad idea.  But how long is long enough? Is there a certain amount of time you should wait? What if you dont wait long enough and once you bring home another dog or cat you may discover that you have made a mistake?

First, you must realize that you are not replacing your previous pet.  No one pet could ever do that.  Everyone is different when it comes to the mourning process. You will have lots of advice coming your way. Your neighbor may suggest you run out right away and fill the void.  Others may suggest that you may wait a while just to be sure you can handle the loss itself.  Too often, once a new puppy or kitten move in he/she may be constantly compared or expected to do all the things that your other pet did.  There may be a sense of let down in this situation.  In a way, its almost as if you have set the bar so high for the new pet.  If this is the case, you and your family may not quite bond with the new pet as you may have expected them to.

It is important that you decide to do what is right for you and the rest of your family. Make sure that you to take into consideration the ages of your children and always include them on this decision.  Having a pet is a huge responsibility and an even bigger one when it is entering the family following the death of your previous pet.

Tell us about your experience.  How long did you wait and why? We’d love to hear your story!



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