Dixie’s Story

The winner of our 2011 Christmas Photo Contest is Dixie, an adorable kitten from Pearland, Texas. I asked Dixie’s owner, Heather, to share a few things about her “furry baby” with our readers.

Sara (owner of IPS): How long have you had Dixie? 

Heather: I’ve had Dixie almost 3 months

Sara: What made you make the decision to get Dixie?

Heather: Two days before Thanksgiving I had to put my cat, Raja, to sleep.  I got her as a kitten and had her for 17 years so her death really hit me hard and I didn’t think I would ever adopt another cat.  A couple of weeks later I was at PetSmart picking up some things for my other cat Meeko when I saw the cats looking for homes. I walked up and talked with the lady in charge and she told me that getting another cat would be a great way to honor Raja and I would know when the time was right. Also at the time Meeko was having a hard time of her own.  She lost her buddy and she became really clingy and vocal so, at the urging of a friend, I decided to go down to the Houston SPCA and just look. My heart wasn’t really in it but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to go look.  When I got to the SPCA I started looking around and an employee also started showing me around. I saw tons of cats but none that really caught my attention until I came to the last room. I saw this lone kitten in a cage and she was meowing pretty loudly.  I picked her up and she snuggled right into my arm and started purring. I still wasn’t convinced so I put her back in her cage and she started meowing and climbing up the cage door to try to get to me.  I picked up a kitten in the cage above her and the kitten wasn’t having any of that, she scratched my arm and tried to get away from me.  That’s when I realized Dixie was mine.

Sara: What are some of your favorite things about Dixie (quirky habits, special traits, etc)?

Heather: Dixie is still a playful kitten and loves to play and chew on everything be it the lights on the Christmas tree or my hand.  Dixie also begs like a dog for food.  She jumps on people to get to food and she has no problem trying to eat off your plate. I can’t even leave my dinner on the table to grab a napkin without Dixie trying to eat off my plate! She still loves to cuddle and if I’m sitting down for any length of time she has to be in my lap.

Sara: Any advice you would give fellow cat-owners out there? Or something you would’ve wished you would have known prior to getting Dixie?

Heather: I would stress the importance seeing a vet soon after welcoming home a new pet. Dixie was a very sick kitten and had I waited to see my vet she wouldn’t have made it.  I took her to the vet a few days after I picked her up from the SPCA and she had an upper respiratory infection and my vet told me that he had seen kittens earlier in the week who had the same infection and weren’t going to make it and he couldn’t even promise me Dixie would make it. I do believe had I waited Dixie wouldn’t have made it.

Thank you, Heather, for sharing about Dixie and telling us her story. Everyone here at Integrity Pet Services wishes you and Dixie a very long, happy life together.

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