There’s Something About Beatrix

Queen Anne is a gorgeous, thriving town on the outskirts of Seattle. Providing a perfect view of the Space Needle, it is a wonderful little area with many off-leash dog parks and pet friendly establishments. The streets are constantly bustling with pet owners and dog walkers doting on their pups. Beatrix, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, is one of these dogs.

Her story begins when Leigh Ann decided it was time to expand her family and began the search for a new puppy on “After what culminated in several hours of staring at adorable dog pictures and reading sweet stories I came across Beatrix’s profile and immediately fell for her. I could tell from the pictures and her bio that she was the dog for me. “

Their first face-to-snout encounter went very well. When Leigh Ann first met Beatrix as a 4 month old puppy, she knelt down to pet her and Beatrix sheepishly ran to her. “One of the women that was working at the boarding places told me that it must be right because she doesn’t do that with anyone. I knew it was a good match. “

Now outgoing and social, nobody would have guessed Beatrix was originally shy and distrusting of other dogs. She is full of funny stories and weird quirks, one of which is that she puts herself to bed every night. In the early evening as Leigh Ann is sitting down for dinner Beatrix will walk toward the hallway, pause and look at Leigh Ann, turn and head toward the bedroom where she head butts the door open and retires for the evening. “It makes me laugh every time,” Leigh Ann says. “Another quirk is when I take her outside and the weather is particular nasty and rainy she will “put the brakes on” and literally stop dead in her tracks, hunker down and refuse to move until we’re headed back in the direction of the apartment. Also, she LOVES cabbage and zucchini.”

Beatrix’s dog walker, Jennifer, has been taking her on park runs since October 2011. When I asked Jennifer what things set Beatrix apart from the other dogs, she said, “Miss B Bear is a tomboy and queen of the hill. She has to go to the highest place in the area and yell at everyone to play with her. She loves and wants to be friends with anyone and everyone. She’ll talk their ear off until they play with her. She loves to play chase and if there’s a water bowl around she’ll wash her feet in it and then dump it upside down.”  Jennifer goes on to say that she and Beatrix bonded from the beginning and have an understanding: “I won’t belittle her intelligence as long as she listens to me when I tell her to do something.” Her favorite thing about Beatrix? “Beatrix being herself is my favorite thing about her. She is who she is. Each dog is so unique that them just being themselves is what makes me love each of them so much.”

Leigh Ann has now had Beatrix for four years and this once shy animal is now known to be outgoing and loving towards everyone she meets. She has provided a safe, loving home for her, and I would venture to guess Beatrix is doing a great job of  returning the favor.

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