Breed Spotlight: Tibetan Spaniel

I was six years old when my parents brought Duchess home to introduce to my siblings and I. She was a beautiful Tibetan Spaniel and had a great temperament to live among my large family. She quickly inserted herself into our “clan” and became a friend to each of us. I can remember occasions where my family of eight would sit around the living room and Duchess would perform for us by chasing her tail or “singing” us a song. Whenever I picture a kid-friendly, playful, loving dog, I think of Duchess.

She remained a part of our family for ten years before she passed away. This was my first experience losing a dog and, while I mourned her passing, she left me with so many wonderful memories I will keep with me for the rest of my life.

Originally bred to be companions and watch dogs to Tibetan monks, Tibetan Spaniels continue to be a loyal and dedicated breed. They bond with their masters quickly and don’t need much socialization, other than quality time with their owner. Their luscious, long coat needs regular brushing and needs to be thinned out during the summer months (especially if you live in a warmer climate). They are very intelligent and, on some accounts, are known to be quite the escape artists. I remember walking into our backyard where Duchess was playing and seeing her climbing our chain-link fence…actually climbing it! She was placing her paws in the holes one after the other and could make it all the way over. She never strayed far from home, but I guess she had to stay sharp and make sure we knew she was smarter than we thought.

These wonderful, loving, mischievous animals will make a great pet to you and your family and will leave you with many fond memories to look back on, just as Duchess has done for me.

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