Cats: Enough Lives To Go Around

Knowing cats, they aren’t going to give us all nine lives, but it looks like they’re willing to share more than we thought. If you don’t already own a cat this may make you want to run out and get one.

I did not grow up owning cats, due to my mom being severely allergic (Hi, Mom!), so when I left home and spent more time around my friends’ pets, including cats, it took some getting used to. I would pet the cat, listen to her purr, and then all of a sudden get scratched because of some reason only the cat knew. There were no signs, no warnings…she was just done being petted. If you own a cat you know exactly what I’m talking about. It took a few years–and starting a pet-sitting business–to be comfortable around felines but I am proud to say I am more relaxed (albeit, still cautious) when I’m in the presence of royalty.

Cats tend to get a bad rap when compared to dogs or other pets. They are generalized  as selfish, moody animals who only have their best interest in mind. I’m sure that’s true for some cats–as well as some dogs, gerbils, birds,etc–but it seems we may have been wrong about these creatures. Studies have proven that cats may indeed be one of the most giving pets you can own. I mean, what other animal can give you the gift of a longer, fuller life?

The Benefits of Owning a Cat

Not only can cats lower your risk for cardiovascular disease, but they can reduce your risk of heart attack, prevent asthma in children, reduce your blood pressure, and much more. According to Pet Blogs United, cats also play a role in your psychological well-being.

“The findings demonstrate that pets can buffer reactivity to acute stress as well as diminish perceptions of stress,” says Allen. “Social support can indeed cross species.” Read more

Now becoming therapy animals, cats are helping children suffering from autism by providing them social interaction and opportunities to communicate (because, I mean, who doesn’t talk to their pet?). To see the full list of benefits of owning a cat, click here.

They may be moody at times and not always want to cuddle, but if owning a cat means I live a longer, happier, healthier life then, as far as I’m concerned, they are royalty.

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