Magic Tricks and Disappearing Acts


The dog is missing–oh wait! He’s in the laundry basket (with the lid still on). How did the cat call 911? There are so many stories of animals doing crazy, off-the-wall things so I thought it would be nice to share my first experience of a pet becoming a magician.

One of my very first pet sitting jobs was with these beautiful black and yellow labs in Houston, Texas. They were so energetic and, because they lived in a one-bedroom apartment and the owners worked all day, I would come by to take them for a short walk in the afternoon so they could relieve themselves and stretch their legs.

One rainy afternoon I arrived to let them out and realized I couldn’t get the front door open. The key was working but the door wouldn’t budge. They lived on the bottom floor of the apartment complex so I tried to open the sliding glass doors but they were locked too. I could see the dogs inside, jumping up and down with their little legs crossed waiting to be let outside to relieve themselves–and I could even see the latch on the front door was unlocked–so what was the problem? Their crazy, energetic yellow lab puppy (weighing 40 pounds) had jumped up on the door and locked the extra deadbolt that could only be accessed from inside the apartment! Needless to say, it took many phone calls, a locksmith, and a few hours to get into the apartment (and the dogs managed to keep their legs crossed for the entire time) but I’ll never forget that little “magic trick” that took me to forever to figure out.

Whatever trick your cat has performed or whatever strange location you’ve found your missing dog, you may never fully know the “why” and “how” behind their actions. Not ┬ábecause they don’t want to tell you but because a magician never reveals his secrets.

Has your pet every performed a disappearing act or magic trick you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear it!

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