Pet Sitter Spotlight: Rebecca in Houston

Back in 2010, I had the privilege of meeting Rebecca, an animal-loving resident of Pearland, TX. She was interested in pet sitting with our company and, after spending some time talking to her, I was anxious to have her join our team of professional pet sitters and dog walkers.

If I could describe Rebecca in three words they would be: dependable, dedicated, and loyal. In this industry (as well as others) it is so important to know who is coming into your home to watch your pets…and you can never be too careful. Our sitters are hand-picked by me, the owner, and have proven themselves to be trustworthy and dependable, and Rebecca is no exception to this.

I asked Rebecca to share a little about herself with our readers so you can get to know her as well. This is what she had to say:

1. My life as a pet sitter…

I have been with Integrity Pet Services since July, 2010 and I have been Pet Sitting for a total of 18 years now. I started with my mothers business at the age of 18 in Florida.

2. My furry family…
Ryan, the cat: I have a kitten that I rescued from my children’s Junior High School and we made her part of our family back in November 2011. We named her Ryan because the name of my kids school is Nolan “Ryan” Junior High. She is just a ball of energy and seems to look forward to my 14 year old son coming home because they play together alot. She gets very talkative around meal times and likes to sit out on the balcony and watch the cars as they drive by. She loves to be in the same room as us, she doesn’t like to be alone and loves to sleep at our feet. It’s also very cute, in the morning when our alarms go off to wake up, she comes running up to our faces, meowing, basically saying, “Hey time to wake up! I wanna play and I’m hungry.”
Sweety, the hamster:  Our second pet is actually my daughters pet, a hamster named Sweety. She’s your typical Hampster, lazy during the day and very active at night on her wheel. Our favorite time is when we hold her and hand feed her food and watch her stuff her cheeks.

3. My favorite pet services…
I like all services, but if I had to choose my favorites are Dog Walking and Overnight Stays (in the client’s home). I like Dog Walking because I build an amazing bond with the animals. It’s a warming feeling knowing that they get all excited to see you and they become part of my extended family. I also like Overnights because I get to be with the animals for many hours and they develop a trust with you. I love the snuggling and how they sit right there and watch TV.  It also means more playtime either in the backyard or extended walks and letting them stretch their legs. I’m with them longer so I learn there little habits and things they like.

4. Why I love my job…
I like my job because, well, I LOVE ANIMALS. The feeling you get when they get all happy and excited to see you, seeing them wagging there tails or the kitties meowing and purring and getting on your lap all happy to see you. The pets always seem happy and ready to play. It’s amost like I can see smiles on there faces when I arrive.

5. Three words to describe my job…

6. A Christmas Story…
It was a week before Christmas and I arrived for one of my daily dog walks at a particular client’s home. As I walked further into the house, I saw pieces of wrapping paper on the floor…..turns out their little doggie had gotten bored and tore open all the gifts and started to tear the boxes apart. I knew which of the 2 dogs had done it because he had some paper on his whiskers and there other dog is very calm. Kinda of a situation where a kid gets caught with there hand in the cookie jar.

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  1. Michael Selzer says:

    I appreciate the level of service that not only Integrity provides around the visits for my pets, but also how much I appreciate Rebecca.

    She is one of the absolute best sitters I have ever worked with. I know that when she is visiting, that my dogs will be taken care of just like they were her very own!!

    Kudos to her for being acknowledged!

    -Michael Selzer

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