5 Kitten Tips


Worried about making mistakes with your kitten? Maybe these 5 tips will help!

1. Socialize your kitten: A cat’s personality is a unique blend of inherited traits and early experiences in life. 

2. Train your kitten: Cats like to have a good time so always keep training sessions short, sweet, and upbeat.

3. Set limits: Set limits in a kind and intelligent way so he understands what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

4. Kitten-proof your home: Look down, look up, and look all around to find all the things they could conceivably–and inconceivably–get into or get hurt by.

5. Play with your kitten: Invest a few minutes a couple of time a day especially in the early evening–letting your cat bat at a feather want or chase a Ping-Pong or crinkle ball down the hall.

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