Can Chihuahuas Cure Asthma?


About five years ago, my husband and I were pet sitting two adorable chihuahuas and decided to take them to Paws In The Park, an annual outdoor pet event in Pearland, Texas. On our way to the event we were sitting at a stoplight when a man in the truck next to us motioned to us to roll down our window. We did and he asked us, “Are those chihuahuas?” We told him they were and he responded with, “Oh wow! They are good for asthma!” Just then the light turned green and we drove off, pretty confused by the whole encounter.

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago when I took myself to the doctor for a cough  I couldn’t get rid of. The doctor mentioned it may be adult-onset asthma and then casually joked that I should get a chihuahua to help with the symptoms. I thought, “Does everyone know about this? Does it even work?”

This theory is believed to have started with the Aztecs and their belief that the chihuahua actually takes on the sins of the dead.

In history, chihuahuas were quite popular with the Aztecs who held the belief that the dog would take on the sins of a dead person and guide him through death to afterlife.

For many years, the idea that Chihuahuas can cure asthma has been passed around. Citing personal experience or hearsay from someone else, supporters of this idea believe that the toy breed dog really can take away asthma from its owner…

According to, this is in fact a MYTH and could possibly be based on the fact that chihuahuas wheeze  and make breathing noises that sound like someone struggling with asthma.

It can therefore sound (especially to those desperate for a cure) that the dog is drawing the asthma from the sufferer and taking it up himself.  Read more

However, other reports bring about different results. In this case, the asthmatic person is a female musician who suffers from severe asthma. Always wanting a chihuahua, it wasn’t until after she finally got one that she started reading up on the “heresay and folklore” that her beloved new pet may actually be able to cure her. 

After getting her new pup she started noticing positive changes in her health:

Whilst there is of course NO MEDICAL OR SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE…we have had our little girl for just over 3 weeks and I can already attest to feeling ‘better’ in many ways– some by chance, physically, but especially emotionally.

Other chihuahua owners share how this particular breed of dog has helped them cope with their asthma in noticeable ways and fully believe this is not folklore but FACT.

Regardless of whether you believe chihuahuas can cure asthma, they are actually the most hypoallergenic of all dog breeds and have so little hair, no dander, and shed very little (if at all). They do, however, have respiratory issues (in certain climates) and sound similar to an asthmatic. But are they taking on your asthma and creating a cure for you? That’s for you to decide.

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  1. Sarah says:

    how does it work. like what in the chihuahua or what does the chihuahua help cure the asthma i’m just wondering this because i have asthma and i cant get my parents to believe that it does cure it… i just needed help to explain to them he cures..!
    THANKS ..

    ~Sarah Land <3

    • Sara Baxter says:

      Hi Sarah,
      The theory is that the asthmatic lays the chihuahua on their chest at night and the the asthma will go from the human to the dog. Again, there is no scientific evidence to back this up. However, there are a lot of people who say they have personally experienced this working and no longer suffer from asthma. It’s worth a try, in my opinion! 🙂

      Sara Baxter, owner

  2. ML says:

    I can attest that my Chihuahua has helped. I was diagnosed with asthma and yesterday I had a bad asthma attack along with a full blown panic attack. I placed my Chi on my chest and he turned toward me and began to lick and nibble on my nose, lick around my left eye and nibble and lick my left ear. He did this for about a half hour and my attacks eased off. When I returned from my Dr’s appointment, he continued his ritual almost all evening. Not sure if it was all him but I didn’t have an inhaler to use at the tiem so I have to give him the credit.

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